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Python Plugin


i am using brew on my mac, so i have python3 installed inside /usr/local/

whenever i try to use paths like:

    // customPython = GetFolderItem("/Users/bjorneiriksson/anaconda/lib/libpython3.5m.dylib", FolderItem.PathTypeNative)
    customPython = GetFolderItem("/usr/local/Cellar/python3/3.5.1/Frameworks/Python.framework/Versions/3.5/lib/python3.5/config-3.5m/libpython3.5m.dylib", FolderItem.PathTypeNative)
 in the Open Handler, it always does not recognize that python

If  not Python3Script.PythonIsFound() then
  // jumping here

For the python2 Plugin, it does work with the system Python, but i rather would like to use a virtualenv, which seems not to be possible 


  • I have not been able to get it to use virtualenv so far. (at least not on Mac, it might actually work on Linux) So when doing the Anaconda tests then I always had to load it by its full non virtual path.
  • edited September 2016
    well fair enough, i can provide the site-packages, but it seems not to work for me,
    because it does not accept my very own python in /usr/local/ without virtualenv in first place.
    Do you link against something special, which needs the specific python distribution 
    (i just guess, because you are referring to Anaconda)

    So right now, i can only use the System Python 2.x in OS X, not the 3.x, because it does not recognize my paths
    to the lib libpython.dylib inside /usr/local
  • so i try more precisely your example and installed anaconda3

    ~/develeop/xojo/anacondo/lib $ file libpython3.5m.dylib 

    libpython3.5m.dylib: Mach-O 64-bit dynamically linked shared library x86_64

    but still Python3Script.PythonIsFound()

    does not find the a python

  • We don't link at all against them, their dynamic lazy loaded.

    From your snapshot above then is it maybe saying the Python library you got is 64bit while your application 32 bit ? (32 bit app cannot load 64 bit library)
  • Yes right, sorry for that i have been too stupid to realize.
    Well to be honest, i do not use Xojo often, and did not think about the 32/64 Bit
    problem, which is almost done for "modern" Apps and Frameworks,
    but Xojo is still very old-style.
    So not to be able to debug the code (in 64 Bit) is really annoying.
    Nevertheless thanks again for your support and your great plugins
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