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WindowSplitter 8.6 is out and EDN Nov 2016

WindowSplitter 8.6 is out and EDN Nov 2016

New in WindowSplitter 8.6:

* Added support for HiDPI on Windows systems.

  • Fixed double click issue on Windows systems that only affected the first click.
  • Added HiDPI and Retina toolbar icons for design mode with Xojo 2016 and later.

(This is mostly the same as we had for a while in our beta zone).

EDN Nov 2016 is out.

EDN is Einhugur Developer Network Library. It has all our documentation in searchable form in one place. It is planned to be published every other month. (Though we might do it more often at first while improving the viewer).

(We currently only have this for MacOS systems but worry not this is just another view on the documentation)

You will find EDN Nov 2016 under Utilities on our web.

More info to be found at www.einhugur.com 

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