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FileSystemWatcher Crash When Called Super.Constructor

We're using Xojo 2015r2.4 for development of a Web App. When the app runs in the debugger, it crashes when called super.constructor. This does not occur with a Desktop App. 


  • Hello 

    The short answer is, Basically, we should support console mode. (Web we don't officially support in any plugin but if it works by running the console plugin then it works).

    Now I went and tested based on your findings (on OS X, your report did not specify which platform).

    I did find a bug which we will attempt to fix. That is if you only create instance and do not AddFolder and Start, then it will crash when the object destructs. (also happens on desktop but maybe your desktop test was adding folder and starting before object destructs). This bug is almost certainly only on OS X. 

    So if your on OS X then you can avoid the crash easily (this here was my test)

      Dim x as FileSystemWatcher
      x = new FileSystemWatcher()

    Now if you are on Windows or Linux then potentially we have different hazards on Console mode, as on Linux and Windows the plugin has to create instance of a Timer object. Which by Xojo's documentation should be all right but they also point at WebTimer for Web apps. So I don't know for sure if it would run as is on Web. 

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