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SearchControl 1.8 and UtilsLib 7.1 are out

SearchControl 1.8 and UtilsLib 7.1 are out


The SearchControl is a Xojo plugin control to represent search user interface functionality.

Native Cocoa MacOS control on MacOS X systems.
Emulated controls on Windows and Linux systems since Windows and Linux do not have native such control.
Emulation mode on Windows and Linux uses OS native theme renderers to get good look and feel that fits the operating systems theme.
Optional drop down menu on the left button in the SearchControl which can use normal Xojo MenuItems for drop down menu on the left button, which makes it very easy to use and it easily supports icons in the menus. This also works for the native control on Cocoa.
Optional cancel button on the right side.
Can be configured to let search trigger instantly when typing.
Can be configured to let search trigger time delayed when typing. (Usually gives best user experience)
Can be configured to let search trigger by enter key or click on search icon.
Can have optional search placeholder.

New in SearchControl 1.8:
* Improved stability when using Buddy control on Windows 
and Linux systems.
* Use of Buddy the control feature on Windows and Linux 
systems is now preferred as we don't think any other 
kind of embedding will ever be safe.
* Improved the click experience on Windows systems, routing 
the click into the buddy control when it is first displayed.

New in UtilsLib 1.8:
* LocaleInfo.ComputerName is now supported on Linux systems

  • LocaleInfo.IsMetric is implemented on Linux systems (experimental)
  • Fixed memory clobbering issues in Currency formatting class by

avoiding Xojo bug 45476, that affects Xojo 2011r1 to Xojo 2016r3.
* Fixed some locale functions on Windows systems.

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