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Excel Writer 1.1

I'm attempting to use Excel Writer 1.1 in a Web app to create and download an Excel file with the contents of a web listbox. This is pretty straight forward stuff. I have done the same thing with text and pdf files. The issue I'm running into is I am getting an error from this line:

Dim writer as ExcelWriterWorkbook = ExcelWriterWorkbook.Create(f, ZStream.GetZipEngineHandle())

The error says that ZStream.GetZipEngineHandle does not exist.

The examples in desktop apps work just fine. Do you have any recommendations on how I can eliminate this error? ZStream does not show GetZipEngineHandle in Autocomplete. All that is available is EOF, ErrorValue, LastError, PluginVersion, Position and Read.


  • Hello

    I am guessing you have to old version of the e-CryptIt Engine installed, the GetZipEngineHandle function did not always exist and it exists in 2 versions the lower grade and the higher grade version, both have same syntax but the ExcelWriter needs the newer one, so you need the very newest e-CryptIt Engine.
  • I'm using the latest version I could download this morning. 13.1.1
    The link said 13.1.2 in a couple of places but it unzips as 13.1.1.
    GetZipEngineHandle does show in a desktop app. This error seems to be specific to a Web app where the function is missing.
  • I can only assume this is a bug since I'm using the latest version of the e-CryptIt Engine with Xojo 2017r1.1. I

    There is no logical reason the GetZipEngineHandle function works with desktop apps and not web apps. What am I missing?
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