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ControlDate ControlTime Picker

I have bought few years ago a plugin ctrl (date and time).
I discover that the ChangeText Event applied to Date (day,month,year) or Time (h,m,s) does not respond when changing at run time, i can get only the real time clock (Now) even when i enter another value of date or time.
Could you tel me, is there any applied xojo example ?


  • Hello

    There is no ChangeText event.

    There is however ValueChanged event.

    Which you get whenever the value is change by the user.

    Sub ValueChanged() Handles ValueChanged
    MsgBox Str(me.Hours) + " : " + Str(me.Minutes)
    End Sub

    Same for the DateControl as the TimeControl.

    If you have some very old version then I cannot guaranty what works and what does not since they were not made for current versions of Xojo. Test new ones if you are not sure. (Demo version if you have to)
  • I wanted to say ValueChanged, sorry !
    I do :

    dim d as New date

    system.DebugLog " time change h m s : " + str(d.Hour) + ":" + str(d.Minute) + ": " + str(d.Second)

    Your code is even more simple ...

    Thank You.
  • An other question:
    How can i get the time changed any where ? methods ...
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