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TreeView nodes not visible with Xojo 2016r3 (Win 10)

OK so I do not know whether this is my PC, Xojo or the plugin. I have loaded TreeviewExampler with 2016r3 (paid for), it compiles and runs however the nodes are not visible. I know they are there because I can click on where I expect them to be and they highlight but the text is not visible either highlighted or not. Load exactly the same project using 2017r3 (trial version) and the project works exactly as it should, nodes are visible etc

I can take screen shots and email them if necessary.

If I create a new project in 2016r3 then I have the same problem while in 2017r3, it's fine.

I am planning to renew my Xojo license but not quite at the moment so I can continue to develop using the latest version of Xojo, just cannae build.

Is it likely to be me or my PC or some config that I can change to get it to work in 2016r3? No big deal, thought it worthwhile to note.




  • Hello Mark

    Its probably just some incompatibility, Xojo Changed drawing system completely under the hood in 2016r4, making it hard to be compatible both ways though we do try.

    Drop me email and I will give you link to download older versions that work with the 2016r3
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