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  • Hello Mark Its probably just some incompatibility, Xojo Changed drawing system completely under the hood in 2016r4, making it hard to be compatible both ways though we do try. Drop me email and I will give you link to download older versions that …
  • Hello There is no ChangeText event. There is however ValueChanged event. Which you get whenever the value is change by the user. Sub ValueChanged() Handles ValueChanged MsgBox Str(me.Hours) + " : " + Str(me.Minutes) End Sub Same for the Dat…
  • Hello Enno As we have listed before there is no Path for that plugin to 64bit, it was based on old OS 9 technology. Making plugin on that scale nowadays with more platforms and more complexity due to HiDPI and other platform issues is not easily d…
  • Hello I am guessing you have to old version of the e-CryptIt Engine installed, the GetZipEngineHandle function did not always exist and it exists in 2 versions the lower grade and the higher grade version, both have same syntax but the ExcelWriter …
  • Hello Robb You could use AddControlNoResize on the pop up boxes since you want them to move but not resize. While its logical that the Text area both moves and Resizes. Hope this helps Björn
  • Hello  The short answer is, Basically, we should support console mode. (Web we don't officially support in any plugin but if it works by running the console plugin then it works). Now I went and tested based on your findings (on OS X, your report di…
  • We don't link at all against them, their dynamic lazy loaded. From your snapshot above then is it maybe saying the Python library you got is 64bit while your application 32 bit ? (32 bit app cannot load 64 bit library)
  • I have not been able to get it to use virtualenv so far. (at least not on Mac, it might actually work on Linux) So when doing the Anaconda tests then I always had to load it by its full non virtual path.
  • Hello On Mac and Linux if you enable the EmptyDates property then when its null it will show empty. On Windows it may vary between windows Versions how its represented but we have no control over it there since its Native OS control there.
  • We will probably attempt to release parts of it for ARM, same parts as are ready on our beta list. Other parts will probably be separated into separate plugin. Which are more of legacy parts that make little sense any more. BinHex, MacBinary, etc. T…
  • You can see it here on the icons behind each item: Some more are available for some platforms on our beta list. (Which you can find on top of the front page of the Einhugur web) The compiler of course should also t…