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Einhugur Reports 1.0a6

Report Generator for REALbasic.

  • You define what data your application knows about.
  • You or the users of your application can design reports using the report designer.
  • Your application can decide if your end user can or cannot design or change report templates.
  • The report generator has built in expression engine so that in a report Smokes true/false can for example be interpreted as smoker/non smoker.
  • Most of the section primitives are open source, so if you want to display some data that the base sections dont support then you can easily create a new section primitive.
  • You can export the report to PDF.
  • You can print the report.


  • REALbasic 2010r1 Pro - (The report generator will not run on REALbasic standard edition).
  • TypeLib Plugin - Latest Version.
  • TypeLibF Plugin - Latest Version.
  • CoreClasses Plugin - Latest Version.
  • TreeView Plugin - Latest Version.
  • PictureEffects Plugin - Latest Version.
  • GraphicsFormats Plugin - Latest Version.
  • PictureButton Plugin - Latest version.