Python3Script Xojo Plugin

Python3Entity Class (console safe)

A class that represents Python entities. It can be String, Integer, Dictionary or Tuple for example.


class Python3Entity


Python3EntityThis constructor is Private since this class should be constructed with the shared methods on the class.


BooleanValueReturns Boolean value from the entity.
BytesValueReturns Python3Bytes value from the entity.
DictionaryValueReturns Python3Dictionary value from the entity.
DoubleValueReturns Double value from the entity.
FitsInInt32Returns true if the value of the entity fits in 32 bit integer.
Int32ValueReturns 32 bit signed integer value from the entity.
Int64ValueReturns 64 bit signed integer value from the entity.
IsBooleanReturns true if the entity contains Boolean, else false.
IsBytesReturns true if the entity contains Bytes, else false.
IsDictionaryReturns true if the entity contains Dictionary, else false.
IsDoubleReturns true if the entity contains Double number, else false.
IsIntegerReturns true if the value is integer.
IsListReturns true if the entity contains List, else false.
IsObjectReturns true if the value stores an object.
IsStringReturns true if the entity contains String, else false.
IsTupleReturns true if the entity contains Tuple, else false.
ListValueReturns Python3List value from the entity.
ObjectValueReturns Object value from the entity.
StringValueReturns UTF8 encoded String value from the entity.
TupleValueReturns Python3Parameters value which represents a Tuple from the entity.
UInt64ValueReturns 64 bit unsigned integer value from the entity.


shared FromBooleanConstructs Python3Entity from a Boolean value.
shared FromDoubleConstructs Python3Entity from a Double value.
shared FromInt32Constructs Python3Entity from a Int32 value.
shared FromInt64Constructs Python3Entity from a Int64 value.
shared FromObjectConstructs Python3Entity from a Xojo Object value.
shared FromStringConstructs Python3Entity from a String value.
shared FromUInt64Constructs Python3Entity from a UInt64 value.

Supported Platforms:

  • MacOS X Cocoa 32 bit
  • MacOS X Cocoa 64 bit
  • Windows 32 bit
  • Windows 64 bit
  • Linux 32 bit
  • Linux 64 bit
  • Linux ARM

    Unsupported Platforms:

  • MacOS X Carbon