Python3Script Xojo Plugin

Python3Script.PreferredVersionValues Enum

Enum which can optionaly be used in the Python3Script.PythonIsFound shared function.

enum Python3Script.PreferredVersionValues


PREFERRED_VERSION_LATESTKNOWN = 0Latest known version that is found of Python should used. (This is the default value)
PREFERRED_VERSION_3_4_X = 1Python 3.4.x is used if found.
PREFERRED_VERSION_3_5_X = 2Python 3.5.x is used if found.
PREFERRED_VERSION_3_6_X = 3Python 3.46.x is used if found.
PREFERRED_VERSION_3_7_X = 4Python 3.7.x is used if found.
PREFERRED_VERSION_3_8_X = 5Python 3.8.x is used if found.