Python3Script Xojo Plugin

Python3XojoModule.RegisterFunction Method

Registers a Xojo function to expose to Python via this module

   name as String,
   fuction as Ptr)


Name of the function as Python should see it. This name does not have to be same as the name of the Xojo function.
Address of the Xojo function that should by called from Python.

The parameters and return value must always be as follows:

SomeFunctionName(pySelf as Ptr, pyArgs as Ptr) as Ptr


Example function in Xojo with correct function parameters and result value:

Function CalculateSomething(pySelf as Ptr, pyArgs as Ptr) As Ptr
    Dim params as Python3Parameters = new Python3Parameters(pyArgs)
    if params.Count = 2 then
       if params.IsInteger(0) and params.IsInteger(1) then
          return Python3Result(new Python3Result(params.IntegerValue(0) + params.IntegerValue(1))).GetPtr()
       end if
    end if
    Python3Script.SetError(Python3ErrorTypes.TypeError,"CalculateSomething must have exactly 2 integer parameters")
End Function

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